Belated Thanks.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my blog or just liked something I’ve posted.  Sure, this may seem like some bulk fowarded text message of a funny video of a cat jumping into a box that you’d send to half your contacts on your cellphone, but I genuinely give my thanks.   Even though the majority of my posts are just something I scribbled down or a picture with a few words, I’m going to try to make this thing more interesting and try to actually write meaningful, or just entertaining, posts. We’ll see how it goes! But for now here’s a picture of a pair of shoes I spent entirely too much money on. Thanks Again!


– MS


Why You Should Give Me Your Money, in Brief

Many prominent charity organizations use less than half of the money received from third party donations towards their proclaimed mission. I promise to use 100% of all proceeds towards pre-ordering Lollypop Chainsaw for the PlayStation 3. Regarding the flawed integrity of such charity organizations, I vow to designate all proceeds in their absolute entirety for the aforementioned cause, unlike those crooks at The United Way. Do the right thing, click the button.